Up at daybreak, with the stillness and serenity of pasture land and poplar bluffs. Deep breaths of country air was so sweet and warm. Del and his guys were already busy tending to the coffee desires and planning their attires. To be honest, the house was in nearly complete shambles, but there was an organized chaos to the few dozen people that filed through the house trying to score a shower and some of the black liquid. The outside of the house was surrounded by campers, tents, trailers and vehicles, but more importantly, friends and family. Most of the people here for this wedding had travelled several hours. Haylan was already long gone from the bustle of the house and was with her sisters picking the flowers for their arrangements and table centre pieces.

Del and Haylan decided that they were going to host this wedding. They cooked and baked for days, cured meats and combined ingredients to create one of the most lavish home style buffets I’ve ever seen. They fed more than 200 people in the most beautiful barn loft you’ve ever seen and made sure there were leftovers for the next day.

Cowboy, the horse, brought the beautiful bride down the aisle accompanied with her father and his trusty rifle. Tears and laughter. It was a joyous day. The most perfect of days. Exactly how a wedding should be. Dancing long into the night, exhaustion but ultimate satisfaction overwhelmed us all.

Del and Haylan, thank you for having us take photos for you on this day. Your warmth and hospitality to everyone around you is an example to everyone and something to aspire to. May you forever remember this day as beautifully as we do.

Much Love,

Will and Jen