It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, you all know that a bride is beautiful and elegant on her wedding day. In all shapes and sizes, hair up or down, strapless or not, plunge neckline or a scoop back…to veil or not to veil, these are the questions. Bottom line, she’s gorgeous. And she’s prepared herself for one of the most special days of her life, and prepared herself for her groom.
When we meet with couples who are inquiring about our wedding photography, I often tell a story of why I love wedding photography so much. Those who know me understand that I’m generally pretty happy, a glass half full kind of guy… or maybe an overflowing cup all the time kind of guy… but when I get to meet with the guys first thing on the day of the wedding, something special happens. A lot of guys don’t get dressed up very often, or at least don’t wear a tux or suit often, and when they’re with their closest friends celebrating a momentous day together, getting all spiffed up, they are all on top of the world. I love being there for that. I love helping them tie their ties and pin on flowers. “How do these cufflinks work?”… and it doesn’t even matter because they’re all having so much fun, and I get to be there to photograph these moments. I get to see moms that are nervous because they’re still in their housecoat and, “No one is eating these sandwiches!! You’re going to be hungry!! Hey, where’s the dog?! Has anyone seen where the dog is?! YES the limo is here! Son, you can’t wear that belt.” These are the best moments. Unforgettable for them, and unforgettable for me.
M and B’s wedding was unforgettable for me. Such an elegant and simple vintage look that was absolutely breathtaking. Every detail was accounted for, and everything went perfectly smooth. A beautiful day, with an equally beautiful couple. Thanks for the memories.